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Portrait of Traktung Rinpoche at Tsogyelgar Xuanxue
Acrylic on canvas

Portrait of Traktung Rinpoche, a Lama of Vajrayana Buddhism in the Ningma tradition. Traktung Yeshe Dorje is the author of the book of poems, Eye to Form Is Only Love.

The torn rice paper of my mind …. it’s holes allow for a vision of stars in a windy night sky. Once I knew so much. Now, I don’t know much of anything. Between here and there ….. the advent of love.

The unreason of love is not hindered by because or wherefore, it does not know knowledge but sees – without eyes, without language, without make believe …. sees directly - as it is.

Between words and their meanings…… a pregnancy of silence where knowledge becomes knowing and every ‘thing’ is forgotten in the luminous in between. That is where we love and meet – in that liminal inbetween.

t.k. ..... in the windy aloneness/togetherness of full moon dark night