Christina Burch edition prints luminous essence

"Lyrical musings on figuration in painting and that dimension of mind which is beyond the senses, Christina's work plumbs the imagination and subtle strata of consciousness to penetrate life’s deeper meanings and inherent poetry. Landscapes of magical elements, universes of pure mystery with divine energies at play, Burch's work is a symbolic exploration of the sublime and mystical dimension beyond the ordinary. Her major artistic influences include contemporary art, classical Italian art, Japanese aesthetics, taoism and tantric painting. Much of her work is contemplative in nature and some may even be described as defining a new type of mystical realism."

The work of Christina Burch has been exhibited internationally and is represented by Voltz Clarke in New York and Adler & Co. Gallery in San Francicso. Her work is held in many private collections, most notably the Mugrabi collection in New York. Special clients and collaborators include: Swarovski, Bazaar Magazine, Moskov, and Salvatore Ferragamo. In addition to her galleries, her work has recently been on view at the San Francisco Art Market, Art Silicon Valley, The Armory Show, and Artnet. Major artistic influences include Contemporary Art, Classical Italian Painting, Mysticism, Japanese Aesthetics, Taoist and Tantric Painting.

Christina was born in New York in 1972, and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where she began oil painting at eight years old. She went on to receive a B.F.A. in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1994, where she studied for a year abroad in the RISD European Honors Program in Rome, Italy. Her extensive travels in Europe and Asia exposed her to a wide range of influences that formed the bulk of inspiration for her early work. After studies of classical, modern and contemporary art in Venice, Italy and New York City, she completed her Masters in Painting at New York University in 1998. As her work developed, her interest in energy and the embodiment led her to pursue a second Master's degree in Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Taoist medicine in New York. In 2008, after fourteen years in New York City, Christina relocated to Tsogyelgar outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan where Taoist and Tantric mysticism continue to inspire much of her work. Her recent paintings are poetic musings on symbol, figuration and that dimension of Mind which is beyond the intellect, senses and consciousness. Christina currently resides at Tsogyelgar in Ann Arbor and the mountains of West Virginia.