Christina Burch
Evening TwilightCool GroveSecret GardenXuanxueMise en AbymeMy Lady WindAs In a DreamField of Flowers
These are commissioned works by private individuals. Each piece begins with an attempt to develop a fresh new and poetic approach to portraiture. The beauty of the figure and portrait is universally one of the most compelling subjects in art and therefore ripe for further experimentation. Modern and contemporary portraiture brings to mind artists such as Marlene Dumas, Frida Kahlo, Alex Katz, Andy Warhol, Alice Neel and William Cotton, so I spent time with their work as well as a survey of portraits from all different cultures and traditions. Working from direct observation, photographs and energetic impressions, I try to draw out the qualities of the subject as much as possible and discover a unique beauty in each individual. I am going for the soul.