Christina Burch
Sea of Blood
The Sea of Blood
in collaboration with Traktung KhepaLuminous Horizon
in collaboration with Traktung KhepaThe Queen of BeesThe Blood and The MarrowSpineMy Eyes Are Hunters
Sea of Blood
This was a solo exhibition at the Rotunda Gallery at University of Michigan's North Campus Research Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My goal with this work is to present in a very aesthetic way, avenues of exploration which can catalyze new ways of thinking about science, the mind and body. Having a background which includes a masters in science and fine art, and studies in the religious and cultural histories of both the east and west, the NCRC is an ideal venue for my work and to stimulate dialogue between the arts and science. Some of these paintings deal with my particular interest and work with eastern medicine and the energy channels of the subtle body.

“Science makes visible to us what is invisible” ~Hannah Arendt

"Blood is the river of life that surges within us, transporting nearly everything that must be carried from one place to another, Long before modern medicine, blood was viewed as magical- an elixir that held the mystical force of life- because when it drained from the body, life departed as well. Today, centuries later, blood still has enormous importance in the practice of medicine. Clinicians examine it more often than any other tissue when trying to determine the cause of disease in their patients."

From the Yellow Emperor's Classic, Simple Questions, chpt. 26 says, "Blood is the Mind of a person." and in Ling Shu, chpt. 32 it says, "When Blood is harmonized the Mind has a residence."